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  1. Durable & attractive, yet rugged & cost-effective
  2. Fully ADA compliant, meets all fire ratings
  3. Efficient, unencumbered latching mechanism
  4. Continuous locking channel & semi-concealed hinge
  5. Available in a variety of materials & configurations
  6. Ideal for high-traffic / high-abuse situations
  7. Tested to more than 10 million duty cycles

Introducing The Total Door System

Building? Remodeling?

With over 28 years of service, 100,000+ installations, and considered the most visually-appealing and long-lasting fire-rated door system of its kind, the Total Door is your perfect solution.

Certifiably, The Leader in Fire-Rated Doors

Reviewed and approved by I.T.S, U.L., and Warnock Hersey, you can rest assured that when even the most complicated code requirements must be met, the Total Door will suit your every need.

Unmatched Latching Mechanism

With a unique design spanning the full height of the closing surface, the Total Door effectively avoids wieldy panic bars and cumbersome pressure point latching systems. Additional benefits of the latching mechanism include:

  1. Better seal against air, noise
  2. Unhindered egress in emergencies
  3. Easier daily operation
Suitable for all applications
  1. Fire-rated pairs and double egress
  2. Panic exit doors
  3. Pocketed doors
  4. Office Doors
  5. Hurricane Rated Doors
  6. Architect-Designed Doors
  7. Quick-Release Doors for Behavioral Health
  8. Cross corridor fire doors
  9. Elevator lobby doors
  10. Elevator shaft smoke protection
  11. High traffic and abuse doors
  12. Electrically operated doors
  13. 8’ 4-3/8” wide pairs for 8’0 clear corridor width
  14. All retrofit applications
Wide Range of Finishes
  1. Prime painted or custom matched color
  2. Wood veneer, variety of standard & custom stains
  3. Vinyls, FRP (non rated), IPC finishes
  4. Custom stainless, hammered copper, many more
Many options available
  1. Abuse Package
  2. Emergency-Release Hinge
  3. Sound Package
  4. Lite Kits and Louvers
  5. Wire Glass, Tempered Glass, Ceramic Glazing
  6. Kick/Mop/Armor Plates & Hospital Edge Guards
  7. High-Abuse Locking Channel Guard
NEW: Flush Panic Fire Exit Device

Our exclusive flush panic fire exit device offers the smallest projection in the industry, only 1/8″ with the door in the open position. This makes it virtually flush with the door face. When closed, it pops out to 5/8″ to meet all fire codes and ADA guidelines.

Panic devices can even use the same finish as the rest of your door, for a solution that looks and works better.

Full-Height, Semi-Concealed Hinge

This hinge fits easily onto any new or existing frame or to any flat surface, without any projecting knuckles. This eliminates the need for triple-step frames on double-egress applications.

Total Door double-egress doors can even be retrofitted into a standard pair frame. Exclusive, dual pivot-point, semi-wide throw hinge allows the door to open a full 180 degrees and gives greater clearance width.

Three-hour rated pairs can be installed in standard rabbetted or cased frames.

Composition and Materials
  1. Latch and hinge stiles are 16-gauge, electro-galvanized, bonderized steel.
  2. 5 1/2″ top and bottom steel or solid wood rails provide reinforcement for closers and holders, eliminating the need for through-bolting and are rated for positive pressure.
  3. The locking channel is electro-galvanized, bonderized steel. It provides exceptional security on single doors and eliminates the need for vertical rods and other hardware on double-egress or pairs of doors.
  4. The full-height, semi-concealed hinge is 14-gauge, electro-galvanized, bonderized steel with no projecting hinge knuckles.
  5. The full-height locking channel and hinge are strong enough to be used without modification on our hurricane-rated and VLR blast-resistant doors.

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