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VibroFloors specializes in the manufacture and supply of Turnkey flooring systems with single source responsibility for end-users.

  1. Using knowledge of the environments, processes and chemicals these floors are subjected to, as well as end-user needs, to sharpen our focus on preserving the utility value of industrial plants and reducing operating costs.
  2. These services are only made possible due to the cooperation and atmosphere of mutual trust it establishes with end users.
  3. Provides a complete system from start to finish: Design, Execution, Maintenance, and Warranty.
  4. VibroFloors offers its services around the globe. No project is too big or too small.
Project Reference List Vibrofloors WG – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Project Name size m2 / ft2 Industry Location
AL Marai Dairy CPP I 14,000.00 / 150,000.00 Dairy Al Kharj
AL Marai Dairy CPP 2 40,000.00 / 428,000.00 Dairy Al Kharj
AL Marai Dairy K Milk extension 850.00 / 9,095.00 Dairy Al Kharj
Al Marai Dairy CPP1 extension 1,000.00 / 10,700.00 Dairy Al Kharj
Al Marai Cradle Western Bakery 32,000.00 / 340,000.00 Bakery Al Kharj
Al Marai Cradle Baby Food Processing Western Bakery 32,000.00 / 340,000.00 Baby Food Processing Al Kharj


Specializing in Pharmaceutical Applications

This industry requires acid-resistant, conductive flooring surfaces. These flooring surfaces must be capable of dealing with electrical discharges.

Because of the antistatic formation on the ceramic tile surface, small shaped tiles are used. Hexagonal tiles are ideal, along with square tiles of 150×150 mm (6″x 6″). Acid resistant jointing compounds are used, through which current flows to the copper mesh placed in the supporting bedding system to ensure maximum current drainage through the conductive bottom layer.

Other Specialties & Industries Served
  1. Food processing industries
  2. Automotive industries
  3. Refurbishments
  4. Drainage systems
  5. Supermarkets
  6. Shopping malls

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